Automotive Apprenticeship Program Outline

Apprentices work at an Automotive business and come to VIU for 7 weeks each year for technical training. To find out how to register for technical training, please see our Apprenticeship programs or call 250-740-6227. The 4 levels of the apprenticeship program are listed below:

Level 1 (7 weeks)

  • Auto shop Safety
  • Technical information resources and technology
  • Basic and measuring tools, thread repair, power tools, pipe tubing, fasteners, shop equipment.
  • Steering and Suspension systems
  • Brake systems, including antilock and traction control
  • Basic electricity, batteries, electrical circuitry and meters.

Level 2 (6 weeks)

  • Gasoline and diesel engines
  • Starting systems, charging systems and auxiliary circuits.
  • Basic diesel injection systems
  • Air conditioning systems
  • Refrigerant handling certification

Level 3 (7 weeks)

  • Ignition systems and electronic engine controls
  • Fuel composition, carburetion, delivery systems
  • Gasoline fuel injection systems
  • Turbo, Supercharger and alternative fuel systems
  • Emission contol systems and OBD2

Level 4 (6 weeks)

  • Clutches, standard transmissions and transaxles
  • 4 wheel drive, all wheel drive systems, differentials.
  • Automatic transmissions and transaxles
  • Air Care administration.

Note: apprentices who graduated from the Automotive Foundation program may receive credit for Level 1.

Upon successful completion of all 4 years of technical training, verification of work based training hours, successful completion of the Interprovincial Exam, students will receive their Automotive Service Technician Red Seal Certification.

Automotive Glass Technician

  • Perform safety related functions
  • Use tools, equipment and supplies
  • Organize work and use documentation
  • Prepare vechile
  • Perform windshield repair
  • Remove, repair and install components
  • Remove and install glass/materials
  • Prepare vehicle for delivery
  • Perform troubleshooting procedures