VIU ITAS students and their instructor

About Our Students

Michelle Ashby

Position: System Analyst at Brentwood College School

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"The immersive, hands-on learning that the ITAS program incorporated empowered me to enter the workforce with a wide, strong skill set even though I came from a non-technical background. Furthermore, the support and knowledge of the fantastic teachers created such an easy environment to learn and excel in. ITAS equipped me to enter a great field with so much opportunity. Anyone who is interested in gaining applied skills and work in IT should strongly consider this innovative program at VIU."

Ron Brash

Position: Industrial Cybersecurity Consultant

“ITAS from its onset as an education program, tried to be something different when compared to a traditional university equivalent.  It is focused on creating realistic foundations across a multitude of domains, and it’s the smaller class sizes & tailored “from the field” curriculum that makes it a winner.  For myself, it has had an unequivocally positive impact on my career and should do so for anyone else looking for an immediate career post graduation, or to be a notable milestone towards greater aspirations.”

Jarrod Nobel

Position: Junior Web Developer at SRFax

“During my years of taking ITAS in 2016 - 2018 it has taught me the fundamentals of programming using modern-day technologies & frameworks. Proper database administration with creating efficient setups and SQL statements. How to analyze things and solving complex problems. After the ITAS program, I started as a junior programmer at a local IT company where I help maintain and develop the systems as well as provide technical assistance to both clients and staff. Most of the projects I work on are creating new features and upgrading & optimizing legacy code to be up to standards. Most of the languages we use are PHP, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and Java. All of the front end development is done to ensure both mobile and desktop experience is simple & efficient for the end-user.”

Danny Klatt

Position: Systems Administrator at Budget Car and Truck Rental

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“The ITAS program gave me a strong start to my career and has proven valuable throughout. The program gave me a strong understanding of a variety of technologies which in turn has directed me into fulfilling positions. The teaching in this program is unparalleled; you will graduate with a strong skillset and preparation for the world of Information Technology. I continue to recommend the program to many people interested in the Information Technology field.  I believe this to be an excellent program, and a great choice for anyone in my field.”

Mickel Smith

Position: Network Administrator, Ladysmith and District Credit Union

“The ITAS program is an outstanding program; it enabled me to obtain employment as a Network Administrator for a financial institution immediately after graduating. Utilizing hands on training, they taught me all the skills required to successfully transition from the classroom to the work place with ease.  In my interviews they commented at the level of knowledge and understanding I showed which I can only accredit to the outstanding teaching that I received. I would recommend the ITAS program to anyone who wants to work in the Information Technology field.”

Taylor Stacey

Position: Systems Administrator, Real Estate Council Of Alberta

"By studying a wide variety of information system disciplines with a hands-on curriculum, the ITAS program taught me both the knowledge and skills to leverage me into the IT industry."

Bradley Olsen

Position: Systems Administrator, TimberWest Forest Corp.

“My experiences in the ITAS program gave me the skills and confidence I needed to excel in my chosen career. The instructors provided one-on-one attention and were passionate about teaching students and helping students to reach their career goals. The small class sizes allowed me the opportunity to get to know my fellow students and instructors and build lasting friendships with both. The ITAS program definitely gave me the best education possible!”