Culinary students putting food into glass goblets.

Culinary Arts Programs at VIU

Calling all foodies

Culinary Institute of Vancouver Island

Shape your passion and creativity into a rewarding career that can take you anywhere in the world.

Our internationally recognized chef training programs at the Culinary Institute of Vancouver Island give you hands-on, real-world experiences running service programs in state-of-the-art kitchens.

What to expect

You will work with talented chefs in commercial kitchens and a fine dining kitchen, the Discovery Room in Nanaimo.

These Culinary Arts programs include a paid work experience components that allows you to network and build industry contacts. You work at a location you choose. Your options include five-star hotels and resorts, restaurants, care facilities, and camps, across Canada and beyond.

What you learn

You learn all the culinary skills you need to enter a career in world-class hotels, resorts, restaurants, bakeries and more. You develop a chef’s palate and learn to develop your own recipes and menus. And you gain the leadership and communication skills you need to move up in the culinary world.

VIU Culinary Student, Jarrett Beaulieu

Jarrett Beaulieu, Culinary Programs

“I have a lot of respect for the industry and the professionalism, dedication, discipline and sacrifice one needs in force to climb as a chef (and especially in the international scene).

For me success in this industry is about two things - hard work and belief in self.

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