BC currently supports two streams for welder training, Modular and Apprenticeship. The Modular stream is for welders who do not have an employee sponsor and consists of the Welder Foundation program (40-weeks, formerly Welder Level C ), the Welder Level B program (16 weeks).

Welder Foundation (28 weeks)

(formerly Level C Welding)

Students in the Welder Foundation program can choose to continue on with the Modular format (Welder Level B, Specialty Metals Endorsement) or upon completion of the Foundation program, and acquiring an industry sponsor, and registering with the ITA (students will receive credit for Levels 1 and 2, and 300 work-based hours), students can choose to transition into the Apprenticeship stream for Levels 3 and optional Specialty Metals Endorsement.

ITA Welder Program Pathways

Specialty training also available at Vancouver Island University

Welding Upgrading - is offered for currently employed or recently employed welders who wish to improve their techniques or become more proficient in special processes. To schedule your upgrading needs contact 250.740.6118 or WeldTest@viu.ca.

Welder Testing - VIU is a provincially accredited licensed testing agency and tests welders. To upgrade existing qualifications under ASME or CSA (CWB) codes please contact the Welding Tool Room to schedule your testing needs at 250.740.6118 or WeldTest@viu.ca. View the welder testing fees.

Prior Learning Assessment

Welder FoundationWelder Level B programs, as well as Levels 1, 2, 3 and optional Specialty Metals Endorsement transfer to all colleges in BC that offer the Provincial Welding program. The department will provide a prior learning assessment for potential students who have gained skills through other institutions.

Career Options

Locally jobs are very competitive and a willingness to travel is an asset. Also jobs vary depending upon the level you achieve. Upon completion of the Welder Foundation program, you could find work in a shipyard, fabrication shop, or with the Department of Highways. Welders with a Level B/Level 3 certification are eligible for work in a sawmill or anywhere that requires a welder who is qualified to do run-off pressure procedures. Upon completion of Specialty Metals Endorsement you will be highly qualified to work in almost any location. After passing your Inter-Provincial assessment you will be eligible to work in most provinces in Canada, and many countries around the world.

Some of our past students are now working at:

  • Macon Welding, Nanaimo
  • Victoria Shipyards
  • Harmac Pulp MIll
  • Lifetime Aluminum Boats
  • Boilermaker Local 359
  • Le Mar Industries, Parksville

Program Costs

See Program Costs for details regarding current fees.

Additional costs

Text books are available at the VIU Campus Store. All fees are subject to change without prior notice.

Admission Requirements

See Admission Requirements for details. 


To become a student in the Welding Program, apply to VIU.