Community Partners

VIU Horticulture is committed to creating long lasting relationships with our community partners and sponsors.  We aim to showcase the wide variety of industry products, services and technologies. Some of our recent projects include seed trials, soil testing and installing a large scale planter wall. 

Check out our projects below to see how our community partners and sponsors support our program and students.

If you or your company would like to become a partner or sponsor please send an email to

Grow Careers Event

The Grow Careers Event at VIU Horticulture is a networking opportunity to connect current students with potential employers. Each spring we hold speed interview rounds followed by an informal meet and greet afterwards.

A special thank to our 2019 participants including:
Cedar Valley Memorial, Davey Tree, Green Thumb, Island Ecoscapes, Milner Gardens and Woodland, Superior Growers, Sylvan Vale Nursery and Tilray.

If you interested in hiring a VIU Horticulture summer student, then consider participating in our next Grow Careers event. Contact to find out more.

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BioBest Guides VIU Horticulture Students in Biological Control Strategies GR Paine Greenhouses

Biobest has been a committed supporter of VIU Horticulture students. In addition to providing students with specialized scouting and monitoring equipment, Biobest supports students with pest management and biological information packages.

BioBest Control Strategies
VIU Horticulture, Horticulture, Gardening, Meadow, DLF Pickseed Canada

DLF Pickseed Canada

DLF Pickseed is a VIU Horticulture partner providing seed for the ongoing meadow installation. The seed in this modern meadow project will be used in future applied research projects at the GR Paine Horticulture Centre.

DLF Pickseed Canada
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Green Thumb Nurseries

Green Thumb Nurseries has an established relationship with VIU Horticulture providing plant material for learning projects and regularly sponsoring students in summer work practicums.

Green Thumb Nurseries
VIU Horticulture, Poinsettia, Vancouver Island University, Students, Kleijn Nursery and Garden Centre

Kleijn Nurseries and Garden Centre

In addition to partnering to support our fall propagation class, Kleijn's Nurseries and Garden Centre is a local business supporting VIU Horticulture students through the sale of student grown poinsettias every holiday season.

Klieijn Nurseries and Garden Center
VIU Horticulture, Sharecost Rentals and Sales, Meadow, Pollination, Drought Tolerant, Plants, Students

Sharecost Rentals and Sales

Sharecost Rentals and Sales, along with Island Top Soil and Fisher Road Recycling, has partnered with VIU Horticulture for the supply of materials for the recent meadow installation project. The meadow project will be the center of seed trial research at the GR Paine Horticulture Centre.

Sharecost Rentals and Sales
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Slegg Building Materials Nanaimo

Slegg Building Materials, along with Expocrete Concrete Products, has generously partnered with VIU Horticulture to support years of student learning through the donation of Allan Block materials and pavers for the new 600 ft2 planter bed. Students will work together to construct the planter bed at the entrance of the GR Paine Horticulture Centre.

Slegg Building Materials

Outrageous Edibles and Bedibles

Outrageous Edibles and Bedibles is a local wholesale plant nursery that welcomes our students to their operation annually to let students explore their greenhouses and experience production horticulture first hand.

Outrageous Edibles and Bedibles