VIU Information Technology and Applied Systems: Network Administration, Web and Mobile Development Programs

Information Technology and Applied Systems (ITAS)

Skills for the future

Information technology (IT) and information systems (IS) are two of the fastest growing sectors in Canada and the world. We collaborate with local and global industry to make sure VIU graduates are top candidates in these in-demand fields.

Two-year diplomas

We offer two diplomas, Systems Administration and Networking diploma or the Web and Mobile Development diploma. With either diploma, you’ll graduate ready for a rewarding career.

Systems and network administrators are a key part of the IT workforce. They work with cloud systems, servers, operating systems and the networking equipment that keeps modern communication flowing.

Web and mobile developers design and work with applications that people use every day for everything from booking a flight to using social media.

Our instructors have years of industry experience, and we maintain relationships with our alumni and the companies where they work.

Not sure which diploma suits you? We offer options to switch diplomas after you’ve started. After you complete either ITAS Diploma, you can ladder into the third year of various IT and IS degree programs. You’ll also be prepared to write some industry certifications. For more information email

Career Opportunities

After graduation you’ll be qualified to work for many tech jobs. Examples of companies you can work for are:

  • internet service providers and web hosting companies
  • organizations that require wired and wireless network design, installation and support
  • companies that develop web and mobile applications
  • industrial cybersecurity organizations
  • companies that have databases to run their information systems
  • private and public educational institutes and training centres
  • computer information systems integrators

ITAS Information Session 


To become a student in the Information Technology & Applied Systems Program, apply to VIU.

No prior IT experience is required to enter our diploma programs.