A VIU student welding

Specialty Metals Endorsement

Red Seal certified welders may pursue an additional level of specialty training in low alloy and stainless steel welding. Specialty Metals Endorsement (5-weeks) continues building upon the theory and practical learning started in Welder Foundation and Welder Level B. Pipe welding with stainless steel electrodes, low-alloy steel electrodes, more advanced blueprint reading and welding metallurgy, etc., are covered. Completion of this program along with the required work experience component should provide the graduate with the broadest base of skills and employment opportunities in the diverse metal joining industries.

Theory and practical modules include:

  • Shielded Metal Arc Welding
  • Gas Tungsten Arc Welding
  • Welding Metallurgy III
  • Blueprint Reading III

This is an optional five-week program which requires the welder to register as an apprentice with an employer sponsor. Upon successful completion of technical training, an ITA standardized exam and 900 work-based hours, a "Specialty Metals Endorsement" will be affixed to the welder's existing Certificate of Qualification. All apprentices who complete the Optional Level: Specialty Metals Endorsement of the Welder program with a final level percentage score of 70% or greater will write the ITA examination as their final assessment. A minimum percentage score of 70% on the examination is required for a pass.

Application process for Technical Training Classes

Program schedules for training providers in BC are available on the web at Trades Training BC.