Power Engineering/Process Operator - 4th Class

Get your start in a career as a Power Engineer with specialized training in the Fourth Class Power Engineering/Process Operator program.

The Fourth Class Power Engineering/Process Operator is a 32-week Certificate Program that prepares graduates for employment as power engineers able to operate, maintain, and manage industrial power and processing plants. This full-time program includes theory and extensive training in an industry workplace practicum. While VIU does not guarantee practicum placements, there are many practicum placement locations on Vancouver Island as well as some on the mainland and other provinces, with some being paid work experiences. Many students treat this work experience as an extended job interview which can kick start a career in Power Engineering.

Power Engineering, 4th class

Program Costs

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Admission Requirements

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A Vancouver Island University Certificate will be awarded to each graduate.

Upon successful completions, graduates will have the knowledge and hands-on experience to challenge the Technical Safety BC (TSBC) standardized examinations for an Interprovincial Fourth Class Power Engineer's Certificate of Competency. The program also prepares graduates with technical knowledge required to work as a Process Operator.

Global warming is a critical issue facing humanity and Power Engineers world-wide are part of the solution. Fourth Class Power Engineers learn how existing energy systems operate and how sustainable energy systems can slow and then stop global warming.  Power Engineers are the people who make sure the power and heat stays on. They monitor, operate and maintain equipment for our comfort, survival and enjoyment in our daily lives.

Career Options

VIU’s 32-week Red Seal Power Engineering certificate program prepares graduates for employment as Power Engineers able to operate, maintain and manage industrial power and processing plants.

 Industry demand for power engineering course graduates is high and a power plant operators can find work in many industries. Solar power plants, pulp and paper mills, recreation centers, sawmills, the oil and gas industry, refrigeration plants, food and processing plants, hospitals, universities and large commercial buildings all employ Power Engineers.


To become a student in the Power Engineering program, apply to VIU.