HEO Learning Outcomes


Students will promote a safety culture by wearing required safety clothing, identifying hazards on a worksite, effectively responding to emergencies using Emergency Response Plans, and consulting with the appropriate authorities around safety issues.

Environmental Protection

Students will act on relevant rules and regulations to safeguard the purity of water and fish health, implement appropriate reclamation strategies where required, and carry out their daily tasks to ensure sustainability and environmental protection.

Mechanical Expertise

Students will be able to identify mechanical problems and use appropriate tools to maintain equipment and do basic repairs.

Knowledge of Industries

Students will be able to identify equipment used in the industries of mining, civil work, oil and gas extraction and forestry. They will use appropriate engineering skills relevant to the industry of their choice to ensure compliance with regulations and authorities.


Students will be able to act in a professional manner, including: keeping equipment clean and prepared for others; treating others with consideration and respect; communicating effectively and appropriately on social media and in person; being accountable for their own actions; completing assigned tasks with confidence; and being humble and willing to learn from others and from their own mistakes.

Operation of Heavy Equipment

Students will be able to operate and control heavy equipment used in today’s industry.