The Automotive Shop

In our 30-bay VIU Auto Shop, you will find everything you need to help you learn the trade, hands-on. We have 8 hoists and all the equipment you would find in a modern automotive service centre.

We have state of the art equipment such as this wheel servicing equipment.

We have state of the art equipment such as this brake lathe.

We have state of the art equipment such as this wheel aligning equipment.

We have a variety of scan tools, lab scopes, meters and specialty equipment for diagnosing electronic, computer controlled systems.

You will be issued a toolbox like this, with all the basic hand tools you will need for the program.

PowerPoint presentations, video clips, instructor demonstrations, all make classroom learning easy at VIU Automotive.

We own a Toyota Prius so you will recieve the latest in hybrid technology training.

Computer stations like this make it easy for you to access on-line service manual information for vehicle diagnostics and servicing.

Many of the assignments you will accomplish in the shop will be on customer vehicles. We also have a variety of late-model shop vehicles such as Dodge Ram, Dodge Charger and Jeep Compass, for you to gain practical experience on.

Our fully operational customer service area gives students the opportunity to practice valuable real-time Service Advisor and Parts Person tasks, including learning applicable organizational, communication and writing skills.

CLOSE X Trades and Applied Technology