Fundamentals of Forest Harvesting Practices

The 2023 program is tuition-free. There is no cost to the student for tuition, housing, or PPE.

The value of this exceeds $12,000!

Applications are currently being accepted for the April 11, 2023 program start date.

About the Fundamentals of Forest Harvesting Practices Program

The future of the coastal forest sector is bright and career opportunities in forestry look promising. Working in the harvesting sector of the forestry industry provides you with the opportunity to work outside in some of the most beautiful terrains in the world.

By working in a harvesting environment, you become an important part of a team tasked with moving wood from the hillside to the end customer. This can involve roles in road building, falling, yarding and transportation.

The Fundamentals of Forest Harvesting Practices Program is designed to provide students with the foundation skills and knowledge required to work safely, productively and sustainably in a harvesting environment.

The program content is based on competencies identified by the BC Forest Safety Council (BCFSC). The competencies were identified in consultation with industry subject matter experts and include the key skills, knowledge and attributes required for entry-level workers to have a strong safety philosophy and be successful.

Program Location

The program is held in Woss, BC

Program Outline

The program consists of a combination of classroom and hands-on training led by an instructor with over 10 years of coastal harvesting experience.

Program Content

  • Essential employability skills
  • Forestry operations in British Columbia
  • Safe work practices used in forestry
  • Communication in the forestry environment
  • Hazards found in the forest environment
  • Basic rigging practices and components
  • Documentation required in forestry
  • Emergency Response Plan and First Aid requirements
  • Ergonomics related to the job
  • Attributes required in the forestry industry
  • Chainsaw operation
  • Forestry laws and regulations
  • Safe operation of light-duty trucks/trailers on resource roads

In addition, students will complete training in:

  • Fall Protection
  • S-100 - Fire Suppression and Safety
  • Level 1 First Aid with Transportation Endorsement

You will learn to identify and assess hazards, communicate and move safely as you set chokers on logs, rig stumps, buck logs and work safely around equipment. You will leave the program confident and ready for an entry-level logging position.

During the Fundamentals of Forest Harvesting Practices Program, many hours will be spent in the actual logging operations in the vicinity of the training facility.

Program Details

  • Program length: 12 weeks
  • Start date: April 11, 2023

Career Opportunities

Once you have successfully completed the program, you will receive a Certificate of Completion from Vancouver Island University. This certificate will demonstrate to potential employers that you have a solid base knowledge of the requirements needed to work safely and productively in an entry-level logging position.

Once you’re hired, you will continue to learn from your peers and receive on-the-job training and mentoring to help you become fully competent in a specific position. Examples of jobs you can grow into during your career in harvesting includes the following:

  • BC Forest Safety Qualified Faller
  • Truck Driver
  • Hook Tender
  • Grapple Yarder Operator
  • Hoe Chucker
  • Choker person
  • Heli Logging
  • Utility Person
  • Rigging/Slinger
  • Loader Operator
  • Skidder Operator
  • Processor Operator

Program Requirements and Application

See Program requirements and application information

Contact Us

Registration Information

For information about registration, please contact:

Helene Viau
Phone: 250.753.3245 ext. 2040

Program Information

For more information about the Fundamentals of Forest Harvesting Practices program, please contact:

Reseigh Cox, Program Chair