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Professional Cook Level 3 Apprenticeship Program

VIU is excited to be offering a 15 week part time Professional Cook Level 3 intake. Now is the time to complete your training and obtain a Red Seal Certification.

Dates: Jan to April, Monday and Tuesdays; 2 to 7:30pm

Location: Building 180, Room 156.

You must be a registered apprentice in the Industry. If you aren't a PC3 apprentice, you must have completed PC1 and PC2, you can attend PC3, but will not be eligible to write the IP Exam. Learn more about the Application Process for Apprenticeship Technical Training, call 250.740.6227 or email

Professional Cook (PC1, PC2 and PC3)

The new Cook industry training program will now consist of three distinct progressive credentials:

Professional Cook (PC) 1, 2 and 3. In addition to completing the in-school technical and work-based training components, apprentices will now:

  • have a final practical assessment as well as a final written theory exam for each credential,
  • need to achieve 70% in both the practical and theory to pass.
    • ITA will continue to require a final sponsor sign-off attesting to the apprentice's competency  at the end of completing each of PC1, PC2 and PC3.

Each program (PC 1, 2 and 3), technical training, work-based hours, practical evaluation, ITA theory exam and employer/sponsor sign-off must now be completed in sequence before an apprentice can move to the next credential. For the 1-year Certificate Program, the employer/sponsor may be VIU.

There are 2 streams for apprenticeship:

  • 1-year Certificate Program - Culinary Arts (Professional Cook) - Institutional Entry, consisting of PC1 (28 weeks) and PC2 (14 weeks); or
  • Professional Cook (Workplace Entry - 6 weeks), from industry . VIU offers PC2 and PC3 .

We also offer a 2-year Culinary Diploma Program.