Jesse Livingston

Apprenticeship and Electrician Student

“I had been working as an Electrician for 8 years without having done any schooling. This was mainly due to the limited options available for training. At the time, I lived in Parksville, so I was faced with either travelling 2 hours North to Campbell River or South to Victoria. Neither of which were good options as it would mean either commuting every day or somehow paying rent in two different places for 10 weeks! The biggest barrier was the waiting list, which at the time in Victoria was 2 years and in Campbell River 8 months.

When I heard that VIU would be offering the Electrical Apprenticeship Training Program I was one of the first students to sign up. During the 40 weeks I spent there over a period of 3 years I enjoyed my time thoroughly. The faculty and staff were very helpful, courteous and understanding. There was always tutoring available should it be required and no one individual was ever singled out. The teachers encouraged group learning and were always available to help work through some of the more difficult formulas and theory.

The facilities were very clean and designed specifically for the curriculum. Students have the opportunity for a hands-on, practical approach, learning anything from box fill to motor control to conduit bending. VIU itself was also very enjoyable, having a cafeteria, café, bar and campus store all within 5 minutes of the classroom.

In summary I was very happy with all aspects of my experience at VIU. They have dedicated, well-educated, professional staff and they’re committed to each student’s success. I now work for Corporate Electric, a well-established company in Grand Cayman run by Canadians. Having completed my apprenticeship definitely helped me get this job, and now my wife and I are living on this beautiful island.

As a member of the first graduating class of the VIU electrical program, I personally recommend VIU to any apprentice at any level.”