Medina Mayes

Medina Mayes

Year Graduated: 2005

Making quality products is what it’s all about for Medina Mayes, owner of Nanaimo’s only artisan cupcake shop. A Wee Cupcakery opened in 2010 in the Old City Quarter.  

“I wanted to have my own place where I could bake with butter and create something special with my hands,” she explains.

A Wee Cupcakery offers a wide variety of cupcake flavours and other specialty baked goods. Mayes, who graduated in 2005, says something she’s learned along the way is to ensure her business doesn’t wholly consume her.

“Running your own business is something you are 100% tied into, committed to completely if you want it to succeed. Be sure to find the balance between work and play and it will be worth it,” says Mayes.