Motorcycle Mechanic Apprenticeship Program Outline

If you are interested in the Motorcycle Mechanic Apprenticeship, please contact Barry Benisky, Apprenticeship Manager, at 250-740-6144 or

Apprentices work at motorcycle businesses and would come to VIU for 4 or 5 weeks each year for technical training. Each of the four levels is associated with 4- or 5-week technical training sessions. For more information on apprenticeship, please see our Apprenticeship Programs for more information.

Note: apprentices who graduate from the Motorcycle & Marine Technician Foundation program may receive credit for level 1 of Motorcycle Mechanic (Motorcycle and Power Equipment Technician) from the ITA.

Upon successful completion of all 4 years of technical training, and verification of number of industry relevant work hours, the Interprovincial Exam may be written.