Meet The Faculty

David Babich, PE1 MBA

Chair of Power Engineering

“Being a First Class Power Engineer with some years’ experience in Pulp & Paper, Oil and Gas, Hydro Electric, Power Generation and HVAC, I also taught Power Engineering at Keyano College in Fort McMurray and at SAIT in Calgary. Teaching and helping my students learn the profession comes naturally as I enjoyed tutoring in high school and taught ESL and tutored while working internationally and raising my sons.

From an early age I took an interest in teaching as I enjoyed learning in both classroom and hands-on settings. Having completed Power Engineer assignments in Indonesia, Australia, and Taiwan, I bring an open mind and a desire for life-long learning to my work at VIU. And I have seen that Canadian Power Engineering is a great system, while not perfect, may be the best in the world. In addition to my Power Engineering training, I also enjoyed studies in Operations Management and Business Administration and have stayed current by consulting in my profession.

Now, in the 21st Century, seeing the growth in Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) providing dispatchable electricity and Solar Heat for Industrial Purposes (SHIP) having the potential to provide sustainable energy to all aspects of our lives, I am excited to be part of educating tomorrows’ Power Engineers as we make the transition from non-renewable resources to the many forms of solar power.”

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Faculty David Babich